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Vibrant Healing

Magic Magnesium Mega Bundle

Magic Magnesium Mega Bundle

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As we age, our bodies' ability to absorb minerals diminishes. This can lead to a variety of health problems.

Our mineral enhancing salt additive helps your body absorb more magnesium, one of the most important minerals for healthy bones, muscles, joints, mental health, and overall well-being. It also promotes regularity by helping you get rid of waste in your colon.

Our product is organic and 100% natural, so you can feel good about using it!

And don't forget about the Magnesium Dew!

Hey there, health warriors! Did you know that magnesium is like a secret superhero in your body? This mineral is responsible for so many important functions, from energy production to muscle and nerve function, blood pressure, and beyond. 🦸‍♂️💪

The problem is, most of us just aren't getting enough in our diets. If you're feeling run down, tired, and achy, chances are magnesium deficiency could be to blame. But fear not - our supplement can help! 🙌

Introducing our pure and powerful magnesium dew, made from 100% pure magnesium chloride. It's the purest form of magnesium you can get, so you know you're getting the good stuff. 😍

And the best part? Our spray is designed to be absorbed quickly into your system, so you can start feeling the holistic benefits ASAP. Just spritz and go - it's that easy! 💦

Still not convinced? Check out our incredible list of benefits... From calming anxiety to relieving muscle spasms, regulating women's cycles to building healthy sleep patterns, our magnesium dew supports your body in so many incredible ways. 💆‍♀️💤

Embrace the power of natural wellness and experience the benefits of our pure, potent magnesium dew today. Recharge, relax, and renew your mind, body, and soul - you deserve it! ✨💜

4 Ounces. Spray Application. For Topical Use Only.

Ingredients: Filtered water, magnesium chloride flakes, essential oils



Directions: Spray on area morning and night- up to 4x a day for overall wellness. Best absorbed through feet, stomach, and underarms.

How to use salt: add a dash to your food or water up to five times per day.

*Because Magnesium Dew has a high magnesium content, tingly/itchiness may occur if you are magnesium deficient. Start with a few spritz on your feet daily. Never spray on fresh shaved skin.

*This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your physician before use if you have pre-existing medical concerns or allergies. Please consult a physician before use if pregnant.


approx. 200mg per 10 sprays

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