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  • gypsygoddessllc

    This product is amazing. My 14 year old has been in melatonin since she is 3 and that no longer works for her and she said it makes he groggy in the am. I have been putting the magnesium spray in her feet before bed within 15 minutes she is out…. Love this product works for me as well. I would highly recommend to anyone that needs help in the sleep department. I actually ordered 2 bottles and gave one to my son’s girlfriend for her mom. This is an amazing product.

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  • heatherbrown75

    I'm not certain if it was mid-life or the laser hair removal I had done, but I was experiencing the WORST armpit BO of my life!! It was embarrassing and deodorant almost made it worse because I smelled like BO with a hint of musty deodorant. I am getting ready to order my 3rd bottle of Magnesium Dew and will never be without again. My stinky meat/onion BO is gone and I don't have to use deodorant anymore. Thank you Vibrant Healing Mom :)

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  • ana

    Wow! This stuff works! I have restless leg and I sprayed some of this before going to bed and man it works. I also spray it on my teenager and 6 year old. They are knocked out at nighttime and wake up refresh. My oldest has osgood schlatter on her knees and makes her joints swell up. I sprayed some on her knees. Pain gone the next day. No need for Advil or pain killers. I have a bad shoulder that always gives me trouble, it feels like my muscle just crutch up and shoots pain to my neck, I sprayed some of this and gone! I wake up pain free. The salt is amazing. I feel light headed sometimes and I know it’s bc I lacking water or did too much, I started taking this and wow. I recommend her products. My husband foot was swelling and I would spray some of this on his foot and his foot was like nothing in a few hours. Magnesium is awesome along with everything else she had combine. The bee pollen you have to let is sit for an hour but it works. It has helped my allergies a lot.

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  • ashley

    I have to say I was a little skeptical but I was desperate to try something. I have tried so many OTC and home remedies for PH balance issues and nothing worked. I have had many yeast infections over the course of my life and there was always *warning TMI* discharge and smells that were not pleasant, to say the least. I also am very active at the gym which made those matters worse. I saw this from an influencer I follow and decided to try it. Within a day I instantly noticed a difference. The unpleasant smell was gone and I didn’t have nearly as much discharge. I actually smelled really nice. It’s also important to note that I started trying this when I was on my period and all of those symptoms I mentioned above are worsened during my cycle so I was shocked. My husband noticed a difference, as well. Without getting into those details too much, he said he definitely wants me to keep using this stuff. lol. If you’re on the fence, just try it! I don’t know if it’ll work for everyone but it instantly worked for me and I’ve had PH and infection issues since I was a teenager. I can’t fully describe how happy I am with this product. Just try it! You won’t regret it!

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