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Magic Magnesium Power Pair

Magic Magnesium Power Pair

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Introducing our Magnesium Dew and Magic Mineral Salt Power Pair – your ultimate solution to address magnesium deficiency and boost your overall well-being.

Did you know that a staggering 70-80% of the population is deficient in magnesium? This vital mineral plays a crucial role in numerous bodily functions, including muscle and nerve function, immune system support, and maintaining a healthy heart rhythm.

Our Magnesium Dew, in convenient topical spray form, delivers instant relief and absorption through your skin. Experience the benefits of this powerful mineral as it penetrates deeply, easing muscle tension, promoting relaxation, and rejuvenating your body from within.

But that's not all – we've combined the Magic Mineral Salt to enhance your magnesium experience to the next level. This extraordinary blend is not your average salt. Packed with essential minerals and trace elements, such as sodium, potassium, and vitamin D3, it addresses deficiencies that often accompany low magnesium levels.

Additionally, we've curated a unique formula by including Ashwagandha root powder, celebrated for its adaptogenic properties, and turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. And, of course, the magic wouldn't be complete without the addition of pure Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – a rich, unrefined source of minerals, balancing electrolytes, and promoting optimal hydration.

By combining our Magnesium Dew and Magic Mineral Salt, you'll be embarking on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness. And guess what? For a limited time, you can enjoy this power-packed duo at a fantastic 10% discount!

Don't miss the chance to replenish your magnesium levels and address the deficiencies your body may be experiencing. Invest in your well-being by purchasing our Magnesium Dew and Magic Mineral Salt Power Pair.

Experience the difference of targeted magnesium supplementation along with a rich blend of essential nutrients and herbal extracts. Reclaim your vitality, promote muscle recovery, and support optimal health – all in one convenient package.

4 Ounces. Spray Application. For Topical Use Only.

Ingredients: Filtered water, magnesium chloride flakes, essential oils, aloe Vera gel

Want to save $ and get more scents?! Grab the Magic Magnesium Mega Bundle, instead!


Directions: Spray on area morning and night- up to 4x a day for overall wellness. Best absorbed through feet, stomach, and underarms.

How to use salt: add a dash to your food or water up to five times per day.

*Because Magnesium Dew has a high magnesium content, tingly/itchiness may occur if you are magnesium deficient. Start with a few spritz on your feet daily. Never spray on fresh shaved skin.

*This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your physician before use if you have pre-existing medical concerns or allergies. Please consult a physician before use if pregnant.


approx. 200mg per 10 sprays

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